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Dare to Dream. Transform the Status Quo. Build Something That Matters. Impact People’s Lives.

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A Passion for Growing Businesses Through Integrated Brand Experience and Marketing Innovation!

At Openbox Creative Solutions we aim to develop deep and lasting relationships with our customers through creative thought-leadership, marketing innovation, and a passion for helping businesses and people thrive!

We love to see our clients succeed and are committed to delivering compelling marketing and creative strategies aligned with company goals—to enhance key value, profit, and people differentiators and to ensure each customer touch with your brand is a positive experience.

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Our Services

Consultation and Strategy

Partner with business leaders to align marketing strategy with business goals. We deliver award-winning content marketing, design, and innovative digital products to expand your brand and broaden customer reach.

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Branding & Identity

Implement PIERS brand strategy—Positioning, Identity, Experience, Relationship—so each customer “touch” with your brand is a positive experience.

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Renew Your Culture

Build effective, creative, marketing teams with passion and “ownership” thinking. Develop innovative, transparent, collaborative corporate environment.

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Website design & development

Optimize your online presence with award-winning multi-page and page-less responsive design websites.

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Investor Relations

Marketing and presentation strategies for start-up funding, acquisition transitions, and business growth initiatives

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Online marketing

Our 7-Point marketing program provides the tools, products, and services for customizing integrated digital/print solutions.

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Magazine Design & Mobile Apps

Award-winning print & digital magazines. Native and web-based apps. Rich media integration.

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Digital "Foundations"

Online essentials foundational for optimal digital presence and customer engagement —Responsive website, mobile-friendly email campaign, “active” social media integration.

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Data Story-Telling

Unlocking stories through clever, concise visual presentation of data and information. Infographics, compelling presentations

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Video & Photography

Promotional videos, animation, event photography, environmental and corporate portraiture.

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See What We’ve Created for Our Customers

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It’s easy to get started. Let’s build something that matters!

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Our Clients

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  • Gene understands how to bring brands to life. During the time we worked together, Gene led a premier design group that built some of the most attractive, technologically advanced and beautifully intuitive websites and mobile apps I have seen. What makes Gene unique though is that he deeply cares about his work and pursues it with boundless energy. When I worked with Gene, I felt that I was working with a partner who was as committed to my projects as I was. He is a true professional with honest to goodness mastery of his trade.

    Howard ZonderCMO, UBM Live
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Gene on a variety of client marketing projects-either digital, print or event-based-over the last 10+ years. As the creative lead for the in-house design agency for our company, he managed to juggle many different department creative requests, needs and directives in a professional, inspired manner. But it was with my clients that he truly showcased his talents: reliable, visionary, contemporary, technically astute…they loved the attention to detail and the supportive presence he brought to the table.

    Ellen LalierSr. Project Director - Smart Enterprise
  • Great thought-leadership, intuitive and creative! I highly recommend seeking Gene's perspective and insights. We continue a mutual working relationship.

    J. Norman SappFounder & President, First Florida Insurance
  • Gene is a proven leader. He knows exactly what it takes to motivate a team and keep things running smoothly. He has extensive client management and senior level engagement experience across a variety of disciplines and channels in the integrated, digital agency space. Gene pushes his team beyond typical, traditional agency work. He excels at creating comprehensive brand strategies and engagement-driving campaigns. Gene can lead large teams and manage multiple accounts across B2B including technology, medical, pr, food, construction etc. A true team player, he is innovative and works well with a variety of people at varied levels. Gene builds vision and completes missions by shaping overall creative direction.

    Kate SpellmanCMO, Penton Information Services
  • My team and I have had the pleasure of working with Gene for over a decade now on all manner of projects--from print to interactive. Gene posses a rare blend of skills: He understands strategy and how to be sure business goals (current and future) are being met...he is highly creative and knows design, user experience and branding inside out...he is a master of managing large and disparate project teams. Gene has a great sense of how things work and is always able to communicate the high level ideas and concepts needed to bring any initiative to life.

    Jim TormeyCEO, Jesse James Creative Agency
  • Gene is a four-star author, a meticulous editor and an expert graphic designer. He has extensive knowledge of both print and online publishing. Gene's people and leadership skills contribute to getting complex projects done in an efficient manner. After working with him for more than 10 years, I recommend him wholeheartedly as a gifted professional and a man of great character and integrity.

    Wendy WoodExecutive Director, Bridge-Logos Publishing
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We Love To Chat, Seriously!

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